Community Giving at Canfor

Throughout our history, Canfor and our employees have contributed to community organizations and activities that provide significant long-term benefits to the communities where we live and work. We want our neighbours and our employees to feel that their communities are stronger because Canfor is a part of it.

Through our Good Things Come From Trees community support program, we prioritize causes and initiatives that benefit the greatest number of people, through financial support for communities, sponsorships and scholarships, and product donations. As we receive many requests, we are focused on programs and projects in four key categories: education, health, sustainability and community. 

Donation Guidelines

To be considered for our Good Things Come From Trees program, apply through our online form. Applications should be submitted only once. They are reviewed on a rolling basis, and you can expect a response within six weeks. Given the volume of requests, we are unable to accommodate requests for funding on short notice, nor are we able to fast-track the review process, so please apply as early as possible.

Our priority categories and examples are:

  • Forestry and sustainability programs for grades K–12 that provide opportunities to engage students about forestry, environmental sciences and sustainability.

    Post-secondary training programs that enable greater participation in employment and contracting opportunities created by our business and the forest industry.

    Youth environmental education programs that expose children to nature, encourage sustainable practices at home and promote the importance of the environment.

    Scholarships to post-secondary institutions for programs that support job readiness within the forest sector.

    Workforce enablement programs that offer job-readiness and workplace-essential skills training and support diversified participation in communities.

    Safety education and awareness programs that enhance safe community practices.

    Education-focused special events and conferences that offer strategic opportunities for Canfor to engage with potential talent.

  • Health and wellbeing initiatives organized by community groups or Indigenous groups to promote physical and mental health.

    Medical and health care equipment that will benefit the wellbeing of the local community.

    Youth sports and physical activity initiatives.

    Mental health and wellness initiatives that support community health.

  • Environmental projects organized by local or national environmental non-governmental organizations, community groups, Indigenous groups or other cultural groups that protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk or restore important wildlife habitats.

    Environment- or sustainability-focused special events and conferences that bring subject-matter experts together for collaboration.

  • Cultural awareness programs and initiatives that support diverse and inclusive communities.

    Green building projects that profile mass-timber construction.

    In-kind product donations to support community infrastructure projects that provide a safe and inclusive gathering place for all members of the community.

    Local special events and celebrations that bring people together and support diversity and inclusion in the community.

    Events hosted by business associations that drive economic growth and generate employment opportunities in local communities.

Product Donations

Requests for product donations are considered in the same manner as financial requests and are subject to the same guidelines, as well as product availability.

Donations will be coordinated with our nearest sawmill. Recipients will be responsible for pick-up and transportation.

Eligibility check list

The following types of requests currently fall outside the scope of our community support program and are ineligible to receive funding:

  • Groups, events and activities without a direct connection to our operating communities.

  • Religious or sectarian organizations - except where they represent or benefit non-denominational community and social support services that benefit the whole community. 

  • Organizations that discriminate based upon an individual’s gender, race, colour, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by local, provincial/state, or federal law.

  • Individual requests for educational sponsorship outside our established scholarships and bursaries.

  • Enhancements to public or private school property, unless through post-disaster funding.

  • International travel, accommodation or meal expenses, including for educational purposes.

  • Individual participation in charity fundraising drives.

  • Individual participation in charity walks, runs or rides.

If you experience any problems with this form, please contact us at to resolve the issue.